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Occupational Therapy

Improving Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Wellness by Increasing Independence and Motivation with Daily Activities

Emotional and Mental Health

Find out how anxiety , fear , and depression are impacting your stress management to improve your overall life satisfaction

Physical Health and Wellness

Learn how to increase functional movement and ability and balance, prioritze self care and increase your independence.


Develop communication skills, learn how to establish boundaries, boost your confidence and self-awareness.

Hello! I’m Christa

Licensed Occupational Therapist

I specialize in prevention and health and wellness within the adult population.  With a background in occupational therapy, I teach, coach, mentor, consult and counsel individuals and groups in personal growth. 

I also educate and train clients in improving relationships, work habits, school engagement, and caregiving, as well as advise and support those who have experienced issues of abuse and neglect. 

With close to 10 years of occupational therapy experience, I’ve worked in skilled nursing facilities, short and long term, homes and in the community.

Many of my prior clients include those who have experienced:

  • a motor vehicle accident
  • a stroke
  • heart conditions
  • arthritis
  • respiratory problems
  • diabetes
  • hip and knee replacements
  • Parkinson’s

For many, these conditions come with other issues such as depression, anxiety and social isolation which is also addressed during treatment.

We use a comprehensive all-inclusive approach treating the whole person so that they can get back to living life to their fullest.

 Comprehensive Occupational Therapy

At Life Wellness, we realize the challenges of life and the many factors that can limit a person from being their best self.  

We offer evidence-based information to improve emotional, mental, and physical health; and overall quality of life so that it can be lived to its fullest.

Life Wellness is dedicated to providing current evidence-based information that surrounds the many aspects of a person’s life to help the individual to engage in meaningful activities.

Life Wellness understands that sometimes emotional and mental health issues cause a decline in allowing a person to engage in life’s physical activities; and other times, it is a physical disability that creates emotional and mental health issues due to a decrease in living life as one had hoped.  This site is dedicated to helping people to get unstuck and to begin to engage in meaningful, purposeful activities that bring fulfillment and satisfaction in the life of the individual.

From the Blog

My Approach & Values

I take pride in realizing and understanding the complexities of life and how it relates to intricacies of the human body  –  mind, body, and soul.

A healthy balance in these three (3) areas is essential for good mental, physical and emotional health. Balancing these areas are vital in building and maintaining purpose, motivation, quality of life and contentment.

I work with clients to illustrate the importance of how all three of these areas work together for overall health; not just through learning about occupational therapy but also through personal experiences.

Life Wellness Occupational Therapy LLC’s mobile and community/home-based division is a holistic therapeutic service that comes to You!

Currently, we are serving individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who are experiencing a decline in their physical abilities and/or their emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

This mobile service focuses on increasing quality of life for individuals with disabilities, injuries and diagnoses such as cancer, dementia, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, generalized weakness, stroke, COPD, obesity, decreased activity tolerance and balance with the goal of increasing safety and independence for our client and reducing caregiver burden.

For adults who are 65+, Life Wellness is now accepting Medicare Part B for qualified services.


The client, their environment and the task that the individual is struggling with is assessed in real time to determine how  to increase the level of participation safely and successfully, to increase their quality of life, right within the home.


For those who have trouble getting to occupational therapy services due to lack of transportation, time, or ability – we come to you!


Life Wellness Occupational Therapy (LWOT) will meet the client out in their community if completing needed tasks have become more difficult due to fatigue, balance, pain, depression, anxiety or any other factor.